★Notice: 74th ARIHHP Human High Performance Seminar is scheduled on 2023-10-17

The 74th ARIHHP Human High Performance Seminar is scheduled as below.
Date: 17:00-19:00, Tuesday, 17 October, 2023
Place: 5C604, University of Tsukuba
Host: Assistant Professor, Naoto Fujii

Lecturer: Lee Kai Wei Jason, Ph.D. (Research Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Title of the lecture: Sports Science for Occupational and Public Health
Content: In this talk, I will provide an account of my personal journey on applying knowledge that I first acquired from sports science to augment occupational and public health, safety and performance. I will also mention the need to quantify indirect impacts of extreme heat to trigger more urgent actions, hyper-contextualising solutions for effectiveness and learning to use heat as an eustress at times to augment heat resilience. Finally I will emphasise that our collective efforts cannot be just an academic exercise. Solutions are needed tomorrow on the ground and therefore collaboration across various disciplines and agencies is essential to truly allow humans to thrive in our warmer planet.

Entrance Fee: Free
*Those who from external University of Tsukuba wants to participate, please contact us from here in advance.