ARIHHP is also undertaking large-scale, multi-faceted research projects, including the Ministry of Education’s specially funded “Global Initiative in Health and Sport Sciences for Human High Performance” (“HHP Project”) and the Japan Sports Agency’s “Sports Research Innovation Project” (SRIP). These multifaceted research projects should help to identify the circumstances and environments under which humans can achieve their optimum performance, as well as to develop scientific methods for effectively manifesting optimal performance and apply the results to society at large.


“Global Initiative for Interdisciplinary Human High Performance Studies: Creating Sport Life Nurturing Strong Body and Mind”
(Interdisciplinary HHP Project)
(academic year 2019 – 2021)

In academic year 2014, the “Global Initiative in Health and Sport Sciences for Human High Performance” (HHP Project: 2014 – 2018) was adopted as an “Internationally Outstanding Program in Education and Research”, which includes a special education and research fund from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In order to develop and implement the basic technology of Human High Performance that brings out the maximum potential of body and mind through the latest biology and cognitive brain science utilization, and collaboration with industry, academia and government research organizations, the world’s first Human High Performance research education base was established (→ARIHHP opened in 2015). In education, a doctoral degree program in next-generation health and sport sciences was established to train next-generation researchers who can implement the latest technologies through collaborations with research organizations and industry, both nationally and internationally. Since academic year 2019, we have been continuously promoting the integration of the latest health and sport sciences, engineering, and medical science into the “Interdisciplinary HHP Project”, a successor of the HHP project.

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Japan Sports Agency Commissioned Project
Sports Research Innovation Project (SRIP)
“Human High Performance Advanced Research Center: Maximization of Performance Enhancement”
(academic year 2016 – 2021)

In December, 2015, ARIHHP was designated as a center for promoting SRIP. It was the first major project of the Japan Sports Agency since its inauguration.
Aiming to contribute to Japan’s Performance Enhancement in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and beyond, ARIHHP, with the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS) and other organizations in various fields, formed a sports research innovation center.
For this project, ARIHHP promoted innovative research, aiming to apply the next-generation training / conditioning strategies in practice by integrating exercise, nutrition and rest. It also operated an educational program for next-generation sports researchers.

The SRIP logo above was created for the SRIP project at the University of Tsukuba.

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JST-Mirai Program

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)-Mirai (future) Program
Self-management Based on Elucidating Mechanisms of Daily Activities, such as Eating, Exercising, and Sleeping: “A Brain Fitness Strategy for Promoting Self-management for an Active and Healthy Lifestyle”
(academic year 2019 – 2022)

In November, 2019, an R&D proposal from ARIHHP was adopted as a JST-Mirai Program (Explore Acceleration Type). While considering social and industrial needs, in this program, we aim for economically and socially impactful outcomes, and conduct R&D for goals that are technologically challenging. To produce lifestyle tools that allow people to live not only without disease but also with self-satisfaction, we aim to create an exercise and food program that enhances brain and mental functions, and a method that allows the realization of a comfortable life through self-management of daily activities utilizing objective markers of activeness and security.

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