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Advanced Research Initiative for Human High Performance,

University of Tsukuba

ARIHHP is also undertaking large-scale, multi-faceted research projects, including the Ministry of Education’s specially funded “Global Initiative in Health and Sport Sciences for Human High Performance” (“HHP Project”) and the Japan Sports Agency’s “Sports Research Innovation Project” (SRIP). These multifaceted research projects should help to identify the circumstances and environments under which humans can achieve their optimum performance, as well as to develop scientific methods for effectively manifesting optimal performance and apply the results to society at large.


Global Initiative for Interdisciplinary
Human High Performance Studies

HInterdisciplinary HHP project

The Global Initiative in Health and Sport Sciences for Human High Performance (HHP Project: 2014-2018) was implemented by MEXT as an internationally outstanding program in education and research (MEXT Special education and research fund). Utilizing the excellent health and sports science research center of the university as its base, the project aims to establish and operate the world’s first research center devoted to developing and utilizing technology to achieve the maximum potential of the human body and mind. The HHP project introduces cutting-edge technology in life and cognitive sciences and strengthens partnerships with research centers within industry, government, and academia. Additionally, our Doctoral Program in Health and Sport Sciences for Human High Performance contributes to human resource development through partnerships with domestic and foreign research centers and companies to enable the next generation to disseminate advanced technologies. Since 2019, we have been promoting cutting-edge research featuring the fusion of body, engineering, and medicine called the “Interdisciplinary HHP project”.

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Japan Sports Agency
-Sports Research Innovation Project (SRIP)

For maximizing athletic competitiveness with an eye on enhancing Japan’s international competitiveness in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic &
Paralympic Games and beyond
*This logo was created for the SRIP project at the University of Tsukuba.


ARIHHP became a center for the promotion of SRIP, commissioned by the Japan Sports Agency in 2015. With the objectives of contributing to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and to Japan’s future athletic competitiveness, ARIHHP is an innovation center for sports research through cooperation with the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS), research centers, academia, and industry. Thus, we conduct original and innovative research, applying next-generation training to competitive sports fields by integrating comprehensive programs in exercise, nutrition, and sleep, while developing educational programs for outstanding young sports researchers who will take leading roles in the future.

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JST-Mirai Program

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
–Mirai (future) Program

A brain fitness strategy for promoting self-management for an active and healthy lifestyle

JST-Mirai Program

R&D proposals from ARIHHP were adapted for the JST-Mirai Program in 2019. By considering social and industrial needs, this program will set technologically challenging goals designed to produce beneficial economic and social impacts. Management of daily activities such as exercise, eating, and sleeping is thought to be useful for the maintenance and promotion of a positive lifestyle: to live without disease or infirmity and to have a fulfilling, active, and healthy way of life. In this study, using an evaluation system for brain functions, we elucidated both independent and synergistic effects of exercise and food on the brain, including underlying mechanisms. Furthermore, we identified objective markers of vitality and security, which are different from disease markers, among various physiological, psychological, and behavioral indicators and aim to construct a support system for active and healthy lifestyle self-management.

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