ARIHHP research department

The ARIHHP research department is composed of three divisions, A) Kokoro, B) Waza, and C) Karada, which make up human activities. We apply core research of physical education and sport science not only to athletes but also to the general population and people with illnesses. We aim to elucidate principles that will optimize human performance of mind and body, and to develop basic technologies with the principles by conducting advanced research in A) enhancement of physical and mental performance, B) sports coaching and technologies and C) health and exercise systems. Then, we closely collaborate and exchange information not only among our internal divisions, but also with research teams in the Institute of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba, and operate effectively within the institute. Actual research is conducted at each of the five functionally organized advanced research facilities within our divisions.

  • MIND
  • BODY

The Center is comprised of 3 research divisions of “Kokoro“, “Waza” and “Karada” which are in charge of comprehensively developing people’s physical activities and performance.

Research facilities & researchers

ARIHHP makes full use of cutting-edge research facilities to promote innovative next-generation health and sports sciences.

Kokoro DivisionPhysical and cognitive performance

a. Advanced brain analysis facility

Research objective:
To elucidate the effect of exercise and sports on brain and mental functions
Research facilities available at ARIHHP:
Brain imaging systems (fNIRS, fMRI)
Neurotransmitter measuring system (microdialysis/HPLC)
Hippocampal primary cell culture
Brain metabolism measuring system (metabolic chamber, microwave irradiation and biosensor for metabolites)
Eye mark recorder
Transgenic animal facility
Behavior experiment system (shield room, Morris water maze, open field test and novel objection recognize test)
System for self-monitoring and self-regulation:Two-dimensional Mood Scale
Visual and auditory response measurement system
Eye-tracker(Pupillometry, Eye blink rate)
  • Brain activity imaging system (confocal laser microscope)

  • Neurotransmitter measuring system (microdialysis)
    & Energy metabolism analyzing system (metabolic chamber)

  • Behavior experiment system
    (Morris water maze)

Research members:

Professor SAKAIRI Yosuke

Research Field: Health Psychology, Sports Psychology, Sport Counseling

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SOYA Hideaki

Professor SOYA Hideaki

Research Field: Biochemistry of exercise, Neuroendocrinology,
Neuroscience of exercise

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Professor YASSA Michael A.

Research Field: Sports Neuroscience

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Assistant Professor AMEMIYA Rei

Research Field: Sport Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Sport Psychology

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Assistant Professor OKAMOTO Masahiro

Research Field: Exercise biochemistry & physiology, Sports neuroscience

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Assistant Professor KOKUBU Masahiro

Research Field: Psychology of Physical Education and Sport, Experimental Psychology, Motor Learning

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TORMA Ferenc Gergely

Assistant Professor TORMA Ferenc Gergely

Research Field: Exercise Physiology, Sport Nutrition

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Assistant Professor MATSUI Takashi

Exercise Biochemistry & Physiology, Brain Energetics

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Waza DivisionSport coaching and technology

b. Advanced sport engineering facility

Research objective:
To develop sports techniques and goods for performance enhancement
Research facilities available at ARIHHP:
Experimental circulating water channel and environmental control tank (visualize water resistance and flow of swimming)
Sport fluid engineering laboratory (the maximum flow velocity of the tunnel is 55 m/s, and the turbulence is 0.1% or less; covers the flow velocity of most sports fluid phenomena)
Optical 3D motion capture system (VICON)
Cluster computers
  • Sport fluid engineering laboratory

  • Circulating-type low-speed low-turbulence wind tunnel

  • Circulating water tank

Research members:

Professor TAKAGI Hideki

Research Field: Biomechanics, Hydrodynamics

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Associate Professor SENGOKU Yasuo

Research Field: Coaching Science in Swimming

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Associate Professor YAMAGIWA Shinichi

Research Field: High Performance Computing, Computer System Architecture, Sports Sciences

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Assistant Professor TSUNOKAWA Takaaki

Research Field: Biomechanics in Swimming

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c. Advanced physical strength training facility

Research objective:
To develop sports training and its evaluation methods
Research facilities available at ARIHHP:
Optical 3D motion capture system (VICON) and force plates system (measuring motion three dimensionally and measuring kinetics such as torque, power and work of muscles)
Indoor swimming pool (international athletes training in swimming, water polo and artistic swimming, and related research)
  • Sport Performance and Clinic Lab. (SPEC) equipped with VICON

  • Indoor swimming pool (monitoring and filming of swimming motion through the underwater windows)

  • Indoor swimming pool (analyzing swimming form using a poolside monitor)

Research members:

Professor ONO Seiji

Research Field: Physical fitness, Neuroscience, Motor Control

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Associate Professor ENOMOTO Yasushi

Research Field: Science of Health, Physical Education and Sports Science, Physical Strength Studies

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Associate Professor MAEMURA Hirohiko

Research Field: Training science, Coaching

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Karada DivisionHealth promotion program

d. Cardiovascular & respiratory assessment facility

Research objective:
To elucidate adaptation of the cardiorespiratory system to the environment and physical training
Research facilities available at ARIHHP:
Environmental chambers (controlling barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration, etc.)
Cardiorespiratory function analysis system
Blood flow analysis system (measuring blood flow in the brain, the heart and skeletal muscles using ultrasound)
Biochemical analysis system (biochemistry analysis of blood, saliva, urine, etc.)
Vascular Screening System

Hypobaric environmental chamber (left: Inside and right: Outside of the chamber when measuring using the treadmill and expiratory gas system)

Research members:

Professor NISHIYASU Takeshi

Research Fields: Exercise & Environmental Physiology

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Assistant Professor KOSAKI Keisei

Research Fields: Sports Medicine

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Assistant Professor FUJII Naoto

Research Fields: Exercise & Environmental Physiology

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e. Advanced body composition and energy metabolism assessment facility

Research objective:
To elucidate the effect of environment and physical training on body composition, energy metabolism and health
Research facilities available at ARIHHP:
Human calorimeter (monitoring human metabolism over 24 hours)
Metabolic chamber for animal (monitoring rats’ and mice’s metabolism when exercising and at rest)
Bone-density measuring equipment (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry)
Big data analysis work station
Skeletal muscle morphological and metabolic properties measuring equipment (MRI, Ultrasound imaging, Electromyograph, Myotonometer, Near Infrared Spectroscopy, etc.)

Human calorimeter (left: Serving a meal, center: Exercising and right: Sleeping)

Research members:

Professor OKURA Tomohiro

Research Field: Exercise Epidemiology, Gerontological Health and Fitness

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Professor OMI Naomi

Research Field: Exercise & Sports Nutrition, Nutrition

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Professor TAKAHASHI Hideyuki

Research Field: Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology

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Professor TAKEDA Fumi

Research Field: Public Health, Health Sociology, Health Education

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Professor TOKUYAMA Kumpei

Research Field: Sport Nutrition

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Associate Professor NAKATA Yoshio

Research Field: Translational Research in Health and Sport Sciences

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Assistant Professor SAGAYAMA Hiroyuki

Research Field: Exercise & Clinical Sport Nutrition

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Assistant Professor MONMA Takafumi

Research Field: Hygiene and public health, Applied health science

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