★Associate Professor Yamagiwa speaks in IWT Winter Annual Convention 2022

ARIHHP Associate Professor YAMAGIWA Shinichi (Research fields: High Performance Computing, Computer System Architecture, Sports Sciences) is going to speak at the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers (IWT)’ Annual Convention 2022. (Associate Professor Yamagiwa is going to attend online by Zoom.)

IWT Winter Annual Convention
Thursday, 22-Friday, 23 December, 2022
Morito Memorial Hall, Tokyo University of Science (Zoom parallel usage)

[Project Session 3] Information Processing for Physical Education and Sport Education DX + Fellow Memorial Lecture
13:00-17:15, Friday, 23 December

14:20-14:40 “Skill Analysis and Sport DX for Extracting High Performance”
Research outcomes on sport DX, including visual support techniques and big data analysis using sensory devices for extracting sports skills from top athletes will be presented.

Call for participation