[Press Release] Article of the international research team that ARIHHP assistant professor Sagayama published in Science

A research article on “Variation in human water turnover associated with environmental and lifestyle factors” by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Doubly Labelled Water Database group of ARIHHP assistant professor SAGAYAMA Hiroyuki (research field: Exercise & clinical sports nutrition) was published in Science.

This research elucidated that people living in high temperature, high humidity, and high altitude environments had higher water turnover (WT). Also, people with active lifestyles, athletes, people with more skeletal muscle mass, and pregnant women had higher WT. Additionally, age, body size, environmental characteristics, and lifestyle factors independently affect WT.

It is expected that the result of this research will indicate drinking water intake amount guidelines for people living in various environments. It is for shaping strategies for alleviating water shortages in an emergency and the global population increases and climate changes.

Title: Variation in human water turnover associated with environmental and lifestyle factors
Journal: SCIENCE 24 Nov 2022 Vol 378, Issue 6622 pp. 909-915