★Applications for Public Research Projects are Open

April 25, 2022


ARIHHP, at the Faculty of Health and Sport Science at the University of Tsukuba, was established in July 2015. Our mission is to maximize comprehensive human performance as reflected in “mind, body and technique” through the development of exercise, nutrition and rest (sleep) programs, sports technologies, equipment and training methods. To achieve our goal and to promote strong fundamental research by collaborating with domestic and overseas academic and research organizations that share our mission, every year we invite submissions for public research projects that are conducive to the goals of ARIHHP. This academic year, we are increasing the scope and number of themes as compared with the previous year. Applicants should obtain the consent of the director of the organization or facility to which they belong.


Apprication is going to be closed at noon, Thursday, May 12, 2022.


Please see here for more detail.