★Professor Takeda and Assistant Professor Monma et al. published new research in Journal of Public Health


Research of Professor Fumi Takeda and Assistant Professor Takafumi Monma in ARIHHP et al. have been published in the international journal “Journal of Public Health”.
In analyses targeting employees of Japanese companies, it was found that insufficient sleep were exhibited the strongest relationship with a decrease in work performance, followed by lack of regular exercise, and eating late-evening meals. Furthermore, it was found that in males, slow walking speed, smoking, and skipping breakfast were associated with a decrease in work performance, while in females, fast eating speed was related to a decline in work performance. It was observed that men had a greater number of lifestyle factors associated with work performance.


【Title】  Relationships between lifestyle habits and presenteeism among Japanese employees
【Authors】Momoko Tsuchida, Takafumi Monma, Sakiko Ozawa, Ayako Kikuchi, Fumi Takeda
【Journal】Journal of Public Health
【DOI】   10.1007/s10389-023-02136-4


Journal of Public Health