★Professor Takeda and Assistant Professor Monma et al. published new research in Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.


Research of Professor Fumi Takeda and Assistant Professor Takafumi Monma in ARIHHP et al. have been published in the international journal “Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine”.
In analyses targeting employees of Japanese companies, it was found that depressive symptoms were most strongly associated with a decrease in work performance, followed by various indefinite complaints such as lack of appetite and insufficient sleep. Furthermore, it was observed that for men, the relationship between health problems and work performance was stronger than for women, and mental illness and other indefinite complaints were also related to the decline in work performance.


【Title】  Health problems related to presenteeism among Japanese employees.
【Authors】Sakiko Ozawa, Takafumi Monma, Momoko Tsuchida, Ayako Kikuchi, Fumi Takeda
【Journal】Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
【DOI】   10.1097/JOM.0000000000002985


Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine