★Our research team led by Assoc. Prof. Yamagiwa developed a novel method to discover the key factors of judo throwing techniques from the Kumite posture

The research team of Associate Professor Yamagiwa (Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems) has published the method to find the key factors for successful throwing techniques in judo.

The work analyzes a big data regarding the Kumite postures statistically, which acquired from videos of judo matches.

They clarify what kind of posture induces the successful throws from the posture information.

The research outcome has been published in the following journal article:

[Title] Statistical Extraction Method for Revealing Key Factors from Posture before Initiating Successful Throwing Technique in Judo.

[Authors] Satoshi Kato and Shinichi Yamagiwa

[Journal] MDPI Sensors Please find the press release published from our university correspondence.