★Notice: 65th ARIHHP Human High Performance Seminar is scheduled on 2022-11-02

The 65th ARIHHP Human High Performance Seminar is scheduled as below.
Date: 17:00-19:00, Wedenesday, 2 November, 2022
Place: 5C108 Meeting Room, University of Tsukuba
Host: Assistant Profssor FUJII Naoto

Lecturer: Toby Mündel, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Massey University, New Zealand)
Title of the lecture: Do Estrogen and Progesterone Influence Thermoregulation?
Content: Thermoregulatory function in women is modulated by reproductive physiology, whereby changes in estrogen and progesterone characterise >60% of the global female population. However, our understanding of how these steroids influence human temperature regulation is incomplete as women remain underrepresented in this literature and >75% of articles involving women still do not define/verify ovarian hormone concentrations. This talk will present recent findings from our laboratory and future studies planned on advancing our understanding of the mechanisms underlying female thermoregulation.

Entrance Fee: Free
*Those who from external University of Tsukuba wants to participate, please contact us from here in advance.