★Article of ARIHHP Assistant Professor Sagayama and JISS was published

A research article of ARIHHP assistant professor SAGAYAMA Hiroyuki and the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS) on assessing skeletal muscle mass by creatine dilution and applying the method to athletes and active people was published in an international journal of European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Assessing whole-body skeletal muscle mass (SMM) is essential for the adequate nutritional management and training evaluation of athletes and trained individuals. This study aimed to determine the relationship between SMM assessed using the creatine dilution method and SMM estimated by whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). As a result, this study elucidated that the previously reported value of SMM estimated by creatine dilution may differ for athletes and active young males.

It is expected that this research result will be utilized for assessing athletes’ SMM more precisely and more easily and applied the method to broader subjects.

Authors: Sagayama H, Yamada Y, Kondo E, Tanabe Y, Uchizawa A, Shankaran M, Nyangau E, Evans WJ, Hellerstein M, Yasukata J, Higaki Y, Ohnishi T, Takahashi H.
Title: Skeletal muscle mass can be estimated by creatine (methyl-d3) dilution and is correlated with fat-free mass in active young males
Journal: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition