★Ph.D student Uchizawa, assistant professor Sagayama, professor Tokuyama and associate professor Omi’s article was published in Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism.

Young and early-middle-aged office workers spend most of the day sitting or sleeping.

Few studies have used a metabolic chamber to report sitting resting energy expenditure (REE) or sleeping metabolic rate (SMR) estimation equations.

This study aimed to develop novel equations for estimating sitting REE and SMR, and previously published equations for SMR were compared against measured values.

New estimation equations were obtained for sitting REE and SMR using stepwise multiple regression analysis by weight or FFM in addition to height, age, and sex as independent variables.

The new estimate equations would provide a simple way to estimate the average sitting REE, and these equations can be used to estimate the minimum daily EE and the SMR.

Additionally, it could be used to determine body weight loss or gain based on the balance between energy intake and EE, thus, providing an easier estimation of the daily EE.


Authors: Uchizawa, A., Hibi, M., Sagayama, H., Zang, S., Osumi, H., Tanaka, Y., Park, I., Tokuyama, K ., & Omi, N.

Title: Novel Equations to Estimate Resting Energy Expenditure during Sitting and Sleeping

Journal: Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. doi: 10.1159/000516174